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  • Adam Kresch

  • Chief Operations Officer
  • NMLS# 30425
  • m:248-939-2881
  • P:248-702-0590
  • F:877-821-0070
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Hi my name is Adam Kresch, I’ve been in the financial services industry for 12 years. I’ve always been interested in numbers and felt this was the best fit for my career. Being analytical has helped me paint a picture for my clients and allowed me to put them in the best situation possible.

Everything I do is for my four-year-old son that I spend a lot of time with. Watching him grow everyday is amazing. I’m very close with my mother and two younger brothers that I also spend a lot of time with.

As far as hobbies, I play a lot of basketball and get to the gym as much as possible along with staying close to my friends. Something interesting about me, I have a large sneaker collection of about 100 pairs of Nike’s.

Some of my strengths include telling my clients exactly how it is and not beating around the bush. My clients appreciate that I’m not sugarcoating things all the time and informing them of key information deals, such as the best home equity loan rates available. They respond well to that. If I can help them, I tell them directly and set a plan for how we can accomplish the goal and be in a better position for the future.

There are so many changes daily in this industry. My goal for the future is to continue helping all of my clients, friends and family with their home loans while continuing to grow our business here at Atlantis Mortgage. It’s such an exciting business, we’re continuing to see more programs open up and more people are qualifying which opens up avenues.