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California Home Loans

Golden Loan Rates in the Golden State

Between the sun-glazed skies of San Diego, the rolling slopes of San Francisco, and the pop-culture mania permeating Los Angeles, you’d be hard pressed to find an area of California that isn’t lush with excitement. Being the most populous state in the nation, California also reigns number one as the state with the most expansive list of entertainment attractions. When you consider  Disneyland, Yosemite Park, Alcatraz, and Death Valley National Park—just to name a few—the more the nationwide adoration for the state becomes clear.

In addition to being supported by large entertainment industries, prospective homeowners should know that a great deal of other booming industries to the state’s name. For instance, sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, health, and technology chart the top of California’s leading enterprises. Additionally, recent years have proven Palo Alto to be a hub for tech companies to open up shop and has led to the development of industry giants such as Hewlett-Packard and Tesla Motors.

Home Loans in California

At Atlantis Mortgage, we’re well-versed in the market landscape of California. It’s for this reason that our team of seasoned professionals are able to offer competitive wholesale rates. If you’re seeking a new home in the California area or are just looking to finance your current property, we can set you up with a plan that works with your current financial situation but also aspires to set you up right for the future. No matter if it’s an adjustable-rate mortgage loan, fixed-rate, no closing-cost loan, or any of the many others options we offer, we’ll find the right rate for you. Apply today to speak with a friendly member of our team to get you started on landing the loan you deserve.