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Tennessee Home Loans

Low-Rate Loans Given with Southern Hospitality

There are few states like Tennessee that proffer such a warm yet invigorating appeal. Sprinkled throughout the state are breathtaking views offered by the appalachian mountains, numerous caves, and sheer beauty found in the natural wilderness, particularly the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Similarly, thousands of wide-eyed tourists flock to Tennessee’s famous cities—Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville, to name a few—to indulge in attractions such as Graceland (the birthplace of Elvis Presley), the Memphis Walk of Fame, dozens of tantalizing restaurants, the Memphis Zoo, and many others.

A great portion of Tennessee’s industry is supported by healthcare, biotechnology, mining, and manufacturing, amongst others. Meanwhile, foremost Fortune 500 companies like FedEx, Dollar General, and AutoZone play a pivotal role in supporting the state’s economic health. Ardent sport enthusiasts will be satisfied in knowing Tennessee is home to professional teams in football, hockey, basketball, and a minor league baseball team—so there’s a little something for everyone.

Purchase or Refinance a Home in Tennessee<

Judging by its rich scenery, strong business foundation, and seemingly boundless buffet of fun to dive into, Tennessee is the place to be. Unfortunately, as well all know, purchasing or refinancing a home isn’t a simple weekend project—it takes time. With so many other errands and life happenings to to account for, finding the right loan to fund your house can be stressful. This is where we come in. By signing up with Atlantis Mortgage, we’ll work to pinpoint the lowest loan rates possible for you. Whether it’s a FHA mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgage, jumbo loan, or another type of loan, we’ll set you up with a loan that’s right for you. Apply now or give us a call at (800)-965-1604 to get the wheels in motion for your success.