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Founded in 2002 by Jason Yourofsky and Jeremy Stybel (both ranked in the top 300 loan officers of the country), Atlantis Mortgage is a wholesale mortgage company with one aim: to help our clients save money through hard work and a dedicated focus to their financial needs.

What do we do

and how do we do it?

Atlantis Mortgage shops the nations top 25 lenders unpublished wholesale rate sheets,  to price mortgages at the best possible deal. We are   Led by a team of professionals, with over thirty years of proven industry success.  Our loan professionals facilitate invaluable insight to borrowers with a wide variety of options and transparency.

Whatever your need for financing stems from—home improvements, consolidation of debt, or perhaps just a better rate—one thing will always remain the same: you will receive home equity lines of credit stringently catered to your financial needs and interests.

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Loans Atlantis Mortgage specializes in

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FHA and VA

refinancing options

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HARP loans

(Home Affordable

Refinance Program)


Relentless Business Growth

With over $1 billion of mortgage loans under our belt in Michigan alone, the future looks bright for Atlantis Mortgage. We are growing so fast, in fact, that we are currently going under expansion beyond our current service areas in Michigan, Texas, Indiana, California, and Virginia. 

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