Purchasing a home is, on average, the biggest investment a person will make in his or her life.

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Purchasing a home is, on average, the biggest investment a person will make in his or her life. It’s for this reason that it’s crucial to conduct plenty of research and seek inside-industry experts before doing so. This is where we come in.

With Atlantis Mortgage, customers receive cost-saving guidance from seasoned loan officers equipped with decades’ worth of experience in securing the best rates available. Whether you’re in Michigan, Virginia, California, Texas, or Indiana, our team of heavy-hitting loan officers will work fervently for you to find homes with the best deals around at the lowest rates possible.

Customized for You*

Loan Options Tailored to Your Needs

Luckily, You Have Other Options*

Everyone’s financial situation has unique needs that require specific deals to be accommodated to. We realize this, which is why we offer such a wide selection of options to purchase your home.

Listed below are the options we offer*:

  • Fixed-rate mortgages. No matter the duration of a loan’s term, the interest rate on these stays the same. This way, homeowners can anticipate the same payment throughout the entirety of the loan’s term.

  • Adjustable-rate mortgages. The interest rate is set at a flat rate for the length of a term, but has the ability to adjust either up or down based on market changes.

  • Jumbo loans. Available as fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgages, jumbo loans allow financing that surpasses the standard loan limit.

  • FHA mortgages. Provided by the government, FHA mortgages are an ideal option for borrowers with low-income requirements. The baseline 3.5% minimum down payment option is an enticing alternative for those with credit scores that are average or sub-par.  

  • VA loans. Created with the intention of offering exclusive financing opportunities to American veterans and their partner, this fixed-rate home mortgage option is available for 15-year and 30-year terms.

  • 203k purchases. Perfect for those pursuing a fixer-upper home, a 203k purchase will give you the proper financing options to rework an unfinished residence into everything you envision it to be.

  • USDA loans. These are fixed-rate loans that cater to borrowers living in rural communities with moderate income levels.

Working Alongside You, For You.

Our team has you covered

If it wasn’t for our fidelity to providing each customer with top-rate customer service, we wouldn’t be able to offer the services our customers rave about – nor would we have been able to fulfill over a billion dollars in mortgage loans. With the ability to secure the lowest loan rates while working comfortably with clients’ unique financial circumstances, Atlantis Mortgage offers everything you need to purchase or refinance a home with both clarity and confidence.


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