They make your mortgage process smoother.

Purchasing a home—or simply just refinancing it—is a daunting feat. At Atlantis Mortgage, we prioritize not only securing our clients with the best mortgage rates available but also fostering peace of mind. By working closely alongside our clients throughout the entirety of the lending process, we are able to secure mortgage rates that are both affordable and accommodating to your financial success.

President ​| NMLS# 137016

Jason Yourofsky

I started in the Mortgage industry in 1997 fresh out of Michigan State University and went to work with my Senior V.P. Jeremy Stybel. I learned the ins and outs…

Jeremy Stybel

Senior Vice President | NMLS# 129466

As Senior Vice President, some of my day-to-day activities include helping out a lot of the loan officers at Atlantis Mortgage by placing loans and figuring out how to structure deals...

Chief Operations Officer | ​ NMLS# 30425

Adam Kresch

I’ve been in the financial services industry for 12 years. I’ve always been interested in numbers and felt this was the best fit for my career. Being analytical has helped...

Tarah Mcleod

Operations Manager |  NMLS# 82416

I began as a loan officer, processing my own deals and became a net branch manager then eventually made my way here to Atlantis Mortgage...

Andy Sussex

Chief Operating Officer |  NMLS# 169364

As a 20+ year veteran of the mortgage industry, I have assisted thousands of clients with every aspect of obtaining the best mortgage product available for them. My mortgage industry experience...

Robert Alati

I take great pride in helping my clients achieve their financial goals.  It is very rewarding to help folks buy a home and achieve the dream of home ownership.  My goal with every client ...

Sales Manager | NMLS# 400541

I am a very hard worker and get the mortgage done for my borrowers. As you can see from my reviews I am accessible at any time and I do your loan from start to finish...

Area Manager | NMLS# 164401

Craig Lipson

“A loan officer with the heart of a teacher”.  

I began my journey as a mortgage

loan officer just...

Executive Loan Officer | NMLS# 1488500

Mary Naughton

Atlantis Financial

Group, Inc.

NMLS ID #129429

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