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An image of Jeremy Stybel, Atlantis Mortgage senior vice president and loan officer

I’ve been in the business since 1996. While focusing on attending law school I took a break after my undergrad degree. I decided I needed to make some money before going into grad school. Someone told me about the mortgage industry and how it was a growing field; I soon met with that person and immediately thought this would be a great way to start making money. People need to buy houses and I figured it would be great to help people with this transaction, seeing the smiles on their faces after the home loan purchase agreement when they get the keys to their new home.


As Senior Vice President, some of my day-to-day activities include helping out a lot of the loan officers at Atlantis Mortgage by placing loans and figuring out how to structure deals. I also show them how I get clients to understand the mortgage transaction and variables that affect home loan interest rates. Most important is showing them my proven systems, both referral sales and operational, that have worked for my business for the past twenty years.


I have a wife that I’ve been married to for eight wonderful years. Two kids, six and three, boy and girl. My hobbies and past time activities all run into the same category pretty much. I love to play sports – Hockey, Soccer, Tennis and going to the gym.

My kids get me up and going every single day. When it comes to mortgages, I’d say that with the challenges the industry brings. I need to make sure I can navigate through the difficulties of the mortgage industry for my clients. Getting from point A to point B as easy as possible, and I want to see smiles on their faces at the end.

Jeremy Stybel

Senior Vice President ​| NMLS# 129466

What sets me apart is my attention to detail, and taking extra care of my clients. Most people look past the small, extra things I bring. Others may believe I give too much information but I feel my clients should understand what is going on every step of the way. Why we need things, why it’s happening, what’s the next step? I go above and beyond to make sure my clients feel comfortable through my mortgage process. Simplifying and helping navigate through.


Everyone’s situation is different. Depending on how much you owe, the equity you have, credit score and there are so many different things. I have to explain the mortgage loan process to them why they may not get the same deal as someone else.

In five years, people will always need to buy homes and refinance. The industry could be a little different. Big bank companies are experimenting with automated systems that are reducing costs. The personalized aspect of the face-to-face interactions will help define the way we mortgage guys do business.



States licensed in  Michigan, Indiana & Texas


At Atlantis Mortgage you will be working with the best team. During your loan process, you will be in communication with my team. Get the know the face behind the name. Our promise to you is to handle your loan with the utmost care. We will keep you informed about each phase of your loan. Our guarantee is your satisfaction.


Thomas Naughton

Business Productivity Manager

• Client and community outreach

• Event Planning

• Cultivate relationships

Tarah McLeod

Senior Mortgage Processor

• Submission to underwriting for approval • Loan Condition follow

up to ‘clear to close’

• Closing Coordinator

Kristine Glotzhober

Mortgage Processor Assistant

• Pipeline Management

• Processing Services

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